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Equitable Supervision

The Equitable Supervision (ES) series is a comprehensive and transformative multi-session program. It begins by delving into the intricate influence and intersection of power, identity, and positionality. Participants will explore the foundational roles and functions of supervisors, with an emphasis on core equity concepts, frameworks, and trauma-informed practices.

Transform Supervision in the Workplace

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Women Colleagues

Session Descriptions

Foundations of Equitable Supervision

This session lays the groundwork for the series, exploring the dynamics of power, identity, and positionality in the supervisory context. Participants will gain insights into core equity concepts and trauma-informed practices as essential components of effective and equitable supervision.

Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversations

This session equips supervisors with practical strategies to manage conflicts and engage in challenging conversations in a constructive manner. Participants will learn how to navigate these situations with empathy and openness, fostering workable unity among their team members.

Reducing Bias in Cross-Identity Supervision

Participants will discover the power of leveraging communication and work styles to reduce bias in cross-identity supervision. This session emphasizes promoting inclusivity and equity in the supervisory relationship.

Providing Feedback and Supporting Growth

In this session, supervisors will learn effective techniques for providing feedback and engaging in difficult conversations, with the ultimate goal of supporting the growth and development of their team members, particularly BIPOC individuals.

Addressing Bias in Program Development and Outreach

This session focuses on identifying bias choice points in program development, service delivery, and community outreach efforts. Participants will gain the necessary strategies to create more equitable and inclusive programs and services.

Open Workshopping of Real Time Supervision Challenges

Join this interactive session to openly workshop and discuss real-time supervision challenges in a supportive and collaborative environment. Participants will have the opportunity to share their current challenges, receive valuable insights from peers and facilitators, and explore practical strategies to address these issues effectively. Walk away with actionable solutions and a renewed sense of confidence in navigating supervisory complexities.

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