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Coaching From Within

Empowering Conflict Management, Equitable Supervision, and Collaborative Solutions

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NEW Coaching Curriculum!  

Welcome to RISE Coaching from Within, your dedicated online scheduling page. If you're ready to invest in a coaching relationship and have completed a consultation with RISE, prioritize scheduling your comprehensive three-hour intake session. Discover strategies for conflict management, equitable supervision, and collaborative problem-solving, tailored to your needs and goals.

Our specialized coaching areas include seasoned professionals in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, leaders in anti-racist, anti-oppression work, and those seeking personal and professional growth aligned with anti-oppressive principles.

At RISE, our theory of change centers on internal transformation, fostering authentic changes in behavior and language to address inequitable practices and create a more just and equitable experience.

Through our approach of working from the "inside-out," we help you align your values with behaviors, practices, and language, leading to sustainable self-transformation and impactful change in the spaces you occupy.

Join our coaching community, where you'll experience the magic of diverse perspectives, collaborative problem-solving, and profound growth. Our primary goal is to support leaders in identifying conditions for learning, developing skills, and pursuing passions, leading to positive outcomes for you and your sphere of influence. Embrace this transformative journey to nurture self-awareness, address biases, and elevate your leadership to create a more equitable and inclusive environment.

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